I am a photographer living between Paris and Mumbai. My work is a search for stories, incidents, people and things through which I explore the meaning of  ’slice of life’.

Currently exploring the medium of photography as a tool of art-therapy for people facing issues with body-positivity, self-acceptance, low self-esteem and confidence, image identity crisis and more.

I  make photographs primarily using analog methods. The process and thought that goes into making a photograph is intense and profound. I enjoy the smell of the chemistry as it pours life into the silver halide crystals. The anticipation factor that film brings in, excites me. The magic hits the peak, when you see your photograph appear on a floating sheet of fibre paper, in the red light. Time flies by when I am in the darkroom. 

#street #documentary #portraits #therapy #travel #prints #film development #workshops

For commissioned work and fine-art prints: blackandwhitewala@gmail.com
That’s me; looking for moments to capture.
Marine Drive, Mumbai.

Photograph by Santosh Rao.

All Photographs © Parag Gopale.