Geff is a French artist who expresses himself through his movement performances in the wild nature using his body and expressions. His work is a reflection of the trauma faced during his childhood and adulthood. It took Geff 44 years to realise that he needed an outlet. Conversations and art helped him find that.
When I met Geff first, he was hesitant to maintain an eye contact for more than 10 seconds. He was highly self-critical and often used negative adjectives to describe his work and body. He felt it lacked grace, beauty and strength. After long conversations and specific questions, Geff invited me to photograph one of his performance. My intent was to help Geff realise and believe that positive adjectives can and should be associated with him and his work.

(Note: photographs bearing the direct face of the artist haven’t been published at his request.)

Undisclosed location, Ile De France, France. October, 2021.
All Photographs © Parag Gopale.