Why Black & White?

One interesting question that I often get asked is
‘Why do I shoot primarily in black & white ?’ and the other, ‘Do I not make work on colour?’

The answer to the first one:
Life is not black and white, it has colour. But then why do black and white pictures appeal sometimes in a way colour pictures do not? This is because black and white pictures are not made of those two polar opposites, those two extremes. Black and white pictures are about the grey and the greys of life. The uncertainties, the dilemmas; the half tones of that intermediacy which is the name of most historic moments. The frame of mind that knows no name; the mood that cannot be put in a description; the texture of waiting; of expectation; of the undigited digit of life; the undated day; the unnamed sentiment.

For the second question, the answer is here.
All Photographs © Parag Gopale.